No Hot Water


If you have no hot water or  lukewarm

water,  check the basics first!

There are several reasons why you may have no  hot water supply.

Have you paid your  utility bill?

Is your Hot Water Supply Gas or Electric. 

Check that the electrical supply isolating switch is turned on.


If you have No Hot Water and you have a Gas Water Heating, first check the pilot light to see if it is on. If it is, the gas thermocouple may be faulty and need replacement. Alternately, if the pilot keeps turning off after being lit, the gas pilot control valve could be faulty.  It is vitally important that you contact a registered gas fitter to carry out any repairs to your gas installation.

If you have No Hot Water and you have Electric Water Heating, the thermostat or electric heating element may be faulty and need replacement or there may be a faulty valve.  Any one of these failures can result in No Hot Water.  On occasions especially during or following adverse weather conditions there may be an issue with the gas or electricty supply to your system.  If you suspect there is a supply interruption contact your utility provider for confirmation.

Phone our 24 Hour Plumbing Service for expert advice if you have No Hot Water or your water is only luke warm and not recovering.